Future World ︎︎︎
Crises may be detrimental to some, but we prefer to see them as a catalyst for defining new concepts and introducing new possibilities. We want to start talking about a community-driven future.

Resilient Bodies
is a project that encapsulates our first-year communication students’ responses to issues that concern the community and society at large. The project is a collection of works from two modules from the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Design Practice course – Studio Practice and Drawing & Making. The direction where ‘the making and the thinking’ come together in a collaborative environment.

Hocus Pocus ︎︎︎ 

MAKE WAY, 5 - 7 May
Gallery 2, TB L6,
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Open 11:00-19:00

May. 2022 

Global Catastrophic Risk ︎︎︎

RE, 30 Nov - 5 Dec
Gallery 2, TB L6,
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Open 11:00-19:00

Dec. 2021 

Jocelyn Netanya Wijaya, Mosomos Azure Chaya Laoyan, Felicia Winarsa, Alifa Raisyah Leoribel, Joanna Bertilla, Chiquita Serafim Panjaitan, Agarwal Nehal, Deshpande Vivan, Felecia Agatha Yantoro, Jaggumantri Shamita, Nakul Shetty, Neeraja Lad, Poorva Singhal, Shyamsundar Adithya, Xu Chongming, Yu Jialing Hellen, Bernice Ng Hui Ying, Charlyn Chye Jing Yi,  Clarissa Lim Jing Jun, Crystal Poh Li Xin, Fatin Nur Anisah Binte Mohamad Zaid, Joelle Lee Shuen Ying, Lee Xin Yi Kersandra, Asyraf Affandee, Nur Athirah Bte Supa'at, Syafira Haziqah Binte Yusman, Tyler Wong Shao Zhi