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Catastrophic Risk

The term ‘Global Catastrophic Risk’ refers to the possibility of causing significant harm to human well-being on a global scale. From volcanic eruptions to pandemic infections, nuclear accidents to global tyranny, uncontrolled scientific experiments to climate change, and cosmic disasters to economic collapse, these disasters can impact all of us. How can communication design be used to influence a change in human behaviour that will aid in managing the risks? 

'Global Catastrophic Risk' is chosen to encourage students to approach the global problems of the present era with greater maturity, responsibility, and effectiveness. By the end of the semester, all these works will be showcased in the first instalment of Resilient Bodies – a collaboration between two modules, Drawing & Making and Studio – an exhibition in which ‘the making and the thinking’ come together.

Group Projects
  1. Hacker Space

  2. A Conducive Learning Space

  3. Hack Your Genes

  4. Deceptively Honest

  5. Mass Psychosis

  6. You Live In A World

  7. AIR


The Villain Behind Xenophobia
Term 01

Team members

Response 1
Felecia Agatha Yantoro

Response 2
Nakul Shetty

Response 3
Charlyn Chye Jing Yi

Research summary

Media may ingrain certain beliefs and instill fears, such as xenophobia.

In this day and age, the media is seen as a platform that shapes our view of the world. It can also serve as the root of dissension and misconceptions that decimates the peace maintained among people.

The media's ubiquity is used to influence many. It may ingrain certain beliefs and instill fears, such as xenophobia. To illustrate this, messages broadcasted on Twitter endorsed by internet personalities can induce unnecessary fears of foreigners in netizens. The thousands of viewers may forward the messages to their counterparts, reaching a larger spectrum of viewers. Consequently, netizens may form prejudices against a particular race and begin to discriminate against them. We could be facing a global catastrophe.

Xenophobia is a negative perception of races that are slipped into media reports with the intent to sow discord. Newspaper publications and propaganda aim at provoking emotional responses in the audience by the use of representation. However, even the biggest media outlets fail to realize the grave consequences of their actions.