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Catastrophic Risk

The term ‘Global Catastrophic Risk’ refers to the possibility of causing significant harm to human well-being on a global scale. From volcanic eruptions to pandemic infections, nuclear accidents to global tyranny, uncontrolled scientific experiments to climate change, and cosmic disasters to economic collapse, these disasters can impact all of us. How can communication design be used to influence a change in human behaviour that will aid in managing the risks? 

'Global Catastrophic Risk' is chosen to encourage students to approach the global problems of the present era with greater maturity, responsibility, and effectiveness. By the end of the semester, all these works will be showcased in the first instalment of Resilient Bodies – a collaboration between two modules, Drawing & Making and Studio – an exhibition in which ‘the making and the thinking’ come together.

Group Projects
  1. Hacker Space

  2. A Conducive Learning Space

  3. Hack Your Genes

  4. Deceptively Honest

  5. Mass Psychosis

  6. You Live In A World

  7. AIR


Mass Psychosis
Term 01


Response 1
Tyler Wong Shao Zhi

Response 2
Xu ChongMing

Response 3
Shyamsundar Adithya

Research summary

With free-thinking and discernment, individuals can escape the all-encompassing reaches of mass psychosis.

Mass psychosis - the phenomenon whereby a particular society descends into madness. Mankind can innovate means to fend itself against wars and disasters, but mankind cannot survive against themselves. A single almighty idea is adequately potent to implode entire civilisations.

Mass psychosis is capitalised on to effectively control civilisation, triggering manifold chain reactions that ultimately precipitate global catastrophic risk.

Our collective research delves into a juxtaposition between the past and current meta-modernist milieu. History presents chronicles of mass psychosis and the aftermath of its rippling effects. The Salem Witch Hunts, Holocaust, and the more recent anti-vaccination ideology are fuelled by madness and hysteria. Puppeteers (people of authority) will use all possible tools to manipulate and incite the idealogy to the masses.